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India – Bhutan – Nepal


From Megasthenes to Michael Palin, India has enthralled travellers for literally thousands of years and its modern incarnation, home to nearly one fifth of the world’s people, remains a country of incomparable fascination – whether you’re coming for the first time, or as a seasoned veteran, TransIndus as the leading India travel company can help you make the most of the destination.



Bhutan showcases nature at its best - pristine and stunningly beautiful. While it is nowhere near as isolated from the world as it used to be, the country certainly comes closer to the old ‘Shangri-La’ myth than any other. Buttressed on three sides by high peaks, this small, thinly-populated mountain kingdom the size of Switzerland has maintained its traditional way of life to a degree that’s unique in the eastern Himalayas – and in a style that’s fabulously idiosyncratic and shrouded in myths and legends.



Sandwiched between the Gangetic plains and Tibetan plateau, Nepal encompasses an extraordinary spectrum of landscapes, ranging from the terai grasslands and sal forests of its southern border with India to the vast wall of ice peaks marching along the Chinese frontier to the north – the legendary Himalaya, or ‘Abode of Snows’. Between these two extremes is cradled a lush, fertile valley that has been a centre of sophisticated urban civilization for more than 2,500 years,

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